Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sources: Crackup imminent at Joplin R-8 Administration

(From Sept. 8,2013)
My writing has not been the only outside news source that has brought tears to Huff, according to the source. This summer, two of my former students, whose names I am not going to mention on this blog, started a blog of their own, which began with a story revealing that Huff was making $8,000 a speech relating the story of how he and the Joplin School District dealt with the Joplin Tornado. Huff automatically assumed, since the two students were supporters of mine and organized the rally on May 23, the day of my termination hearing, that I was the mastermind behind that blog.

I wasn't. In fact, though I admired the two young people for their efforts, I advised against the blog. I was afraid of exactly what ended up happening- the students ended up being targeted and have had their every move watched by administration.

Nothing is too minute to get past the watchful eyes of C. J. Huff and his staff. A few weeks ago, I received a message from a former colleague of mine, who does not work in the Joplin School District, but who has a relative who does. He told me he could no longer leave comments on my Facebook page.

This teacher has a relative who teaches in one of the Joplin middle schools and that relative was called in by the principal, reportedly at the behest of upper administration, who wanted to give this teacher a warning not to be too friendly with me.

This teacher was not a Facebook friend of mine; in fact, to this day, I have never met him.

My former colleague sent me a personal message on Facebook.

The teacher, he said, was genuinely concerned about losing his job and feared he was being "watched by Joplin's Big Brother."

Administration source: Turner targeted for firing before No Child Left Alive was published

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