Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Secret recording, Devil's Messenger cited in new charges against me

(From April 29, 2013)
The following charges were made about the recording of my four-minute questioning by the human resources director.

"On April 8, 2013, Ms. Tina Smith met with Mr. Turner to discuss his conduct (you can hear how much of a discussion there was in the recording). At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Smith gave Mr. Turner a copy of Board Policy KKB- Audio and Visual Recording. Ms. Smith explained the District's policy against tape recording such as that one.

"Ms. Smith asked Mr. Turner to turn off his cell phone to ensure he was not recording the meeting. Mr. Turner appeared to comply. However, he secretly continued to record the meeting in a manner that was hidden from Ms. Smith.

"Following the April 8, 2013, meeting, Mr. Turner revealed that he had surreptitiously recorded the meeting by posting the recording of  his meeting with Ms. Smith on The Turner Report, which is one of Mr. Turner's blogs.

"Mr. Turner's conduct, as described above, is in violation of Board Policy KKB (Audio and Visual Recording), which states in pertinent part: The district has established limits on the use of recording equipment in order to minimize disruption and protect instructional time essential to improving student achievement. Any recording activity, even activity permitted under the policy, will be prohibited if the activity creates a disruption in the education process."

It goes on to say four more times by not following Ms. Smith's orders.

I would wager that considering the high price of lawyers that the Joplin School District is spending thousands, more likely tens of thousands to get rid of me for things that they know are not true. How many other people have been pushed out the past few years who have not been able to have a recording or the platform I have to make my case.

And how much money is the district wasting on other things, including the kinds of things I wrote about in No Child Left Alive?

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