Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reference to No Child Left Alive caused lockdown at East Middle School

(From June 3, 2013) Testimony provided by Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff and other administration officials at my hearing May 23 indicated that the school had turned my case over to the Joplin Police Department, Jasper County Sheriff's Department, the cyber crimes unit and the U. S. Attorney's office.

That seemed like overkill to me at the time and I was surprised that I had never even heard from any of these agencies.

E-mails sent from Joplin Schools administrators to each other indicate there was a good reason I was never contacted- the alleged crime that was being reported had nothing to do with me, except that it involved a reference to my book No Child Left Alive.

On May 1, an apparently fictitious person named Kai Alexis Price posted a message on the East Middle School PTO website saying, "If the shooter doesn't get you, the East Middle School Administration do," an obvious reference to the tagline of No Child Left Alive, "If the shooter doesn't get you, the system will."

After that was reported to EMS officials by a PTO officer, the school went on lockdown as the "threat," which seems to me to be more of a reference to school politics and what happened to me than to a mass murder plot, was being investigated- which was exactly the right thing to do, you cannot automatically assume that the message was not a threat.

As far as I can determine, no one was ever able to locate Kai Alexis Price, or connect him or her in any way to me, anyone who supported me (though that would appear to be the motivation), or anyone who wanted to damage my case (which would also be a strong motivation).

Despite that, it appears this investigation was used to smear me May 23 in the same way that administration indicated that student support for me suggested that I was a child predator (Their reasoning appears to be why else would students support a teacher?).

The posting of the message on the EMS PTO website was wrong, but as with everything else that has come up in this circus- administration knows full well I had nothing to do with it, but took advantage of the opportunity to make it look, by shading the truth slightly, that I had been reported to all of these agencies.

Screen shots of the messages and reports involving the PTO Facebook message are printed below:

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