Tuesday, December 3, 2013

KZRG report: Turner says R-8 administration called employers to keep fired employees from getting jobs

(From Sept. 30) If you have read the headline to this story, the first thing I should say is that as far as I know no Joplin administrator has ever called anyone to keep me from getting a job. That wasn't necessary after Joplin R-8 Board of Education President Jeff Flowers allowed C. J. Huff and his administrators to assassinate my character over and over.

I had a long interview with KZRG this afternoon and why this was the part of it that was chosen for the story I don't know since the interview covered various topics. Perhaps more of them will be coming tomorrow since the interview was recorded.

I will say that the people that I know of whose prospective employers received calls from Joplin R-8 Administration apparently were not impressed by them and hired the former employees anyway.

This, however, is important because it is the modus operandi for the Huff Administration. It is not content to get rid of someone, it has to destroy them, as well.

Thankfully, these things are starting to come out.

My guess- C. J. Huff will tell KZRG, I am just a disgruntled former employee.

Perhaps someday someone will be able to say that about him.

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