Tuesday, December 3, 2013

C. J. Huff: My daughter says IPads are cool; no games are being played

(From Sept. 9, 2013)
The experiment with IPads for eighth graders in the Joplin middle schools is a resounding success, according to the expert consulted by Superintendent C. J. Huff...his eighth grade daughter.

In an e-mail message from Huff to employees, he said, "At the middle school, our eighth graders were issued IPads this year. As most of your know, I have an eighth grade daughter at South. I ask her about once a week how it is going. Last night, when we had that conversation, she talked about the "cool factor," how kids are doing great with them (not playing games, etc.) and how well the teachers are integrating the technology into their lessons."

Apparently, Huff's message did not get to East Middle School Principal Bud Sexson, who sent this message to his staff, "While dropping into classrooms thus far, I have observed students using games on their IPads.In the morning, a committee will create a new walkthrough form and it is not practical to come into a classroom and find a student playing a game then ask them if either they have been granted permission, is this down time, does this teacher allow this? You get the picture. Klista (district director of technology Klista Rader) says there should be NO gaming going on in classrooms so as Jason (Assistant Principal Jason Weaver) and I begin observations and walkthroughs, we hope to not see any students gaming."

If that's what Sexson wants, perhaps he and Jason Weaver should do their observations and walkthroughs at South, where apparently, according to the younger Huff, no gaming is going on; it is all business, all the time.

Of course, it is also cool.

Don't you just love 21st Century education?

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