Tuesday, December 3, 2013

C. J. Huff: I have a pitchfork and a torch in my closet, just like other conservatives

(From Oct. 7, 2013)
Too much information, C. J.

Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff during an extended version of KZRG's Morning News Watch today, explained why he favored Common Core Standards, but was still a fervent proponent of local control of schools.

"I was born conservative," Huff said. "I lean right and I certainly have a pitchfork and a torch in my closet just like so many other conservatives out there when you talk about local control and reducing government involvement in our schools and government."

He did not explain what he meant by reducing government involvement in our government.

In addition to his condescending reference to the people who are supposed to be his fellow conservatives, he made references to people being "confused" about Common Core Standards, saying that Common Core is standards, not curriculum.

Huff also rebuffed one caller who quoted some independent researchers about Common Core by questioning whether the researchers were independent and by opining that perhaps a critic of the math standards just wanted to write a textbook for it.

At one point, Huff reaffirmed his political leanings, saying, "This is me being conservative."

He also revealed that he did not get along well with the other children when he was in kindergarten.

You can listen to the interview at this link.

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